Borough Owned Properties Available for Passive Recreation

borough properties map

Carroll Valley Borough recognizes the importance of providing a variety of recreational opportunities to its citizens for the health and well-being of the public and for the preservation of wildlife and the environment.  The quality of the environment and the "naturalness" of an area is the focus of the recreational experience in a passive recreation area. Therefore the Borough wishes to include within its parks system a number of passive recreation areas that will:

  • Offer constructive, restorative, and pleasurable human benefits and foster appreciation and understanding of open space and its purpose
  • Not significantly impact natural, cultural, scientific, or agricultural values
  • Require only minimal visitor facilities and services directly related to safety and minimize passive recreation impacts

As such, the Borough is reminding all Borough Residents that all property owned by the Borough (unless otherwise posted on the property) is open and available to use for passive recreation.

For your use, a map has been included below showing which properties are owned by the Borough, as well as a complete list of addresses and parcel numbers to accompany the map.

The rules and regulations for the use of these passive recreation areas are to be the same regulations used for all active recreation areas owned by the Borough of Carroll Valley and are found in Chapter 16 of the Carroll Valley Borough Code of Ordinances. No hunting or trapping of any kind is permitted on any borough-owned property.